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I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! 

I go by Phoebe. I’m the Jesus lovin’ gal, wifey, mama, singer,
wannabe minimalist, neat freak and still learning to juggle it all.

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Whether you’re single, a wife, a mother, or a friend, there is no hierarchy. Whether you’re career driven, family orientated or live for alone time, there is no such thing as a pecking order.

One portrayal of a woman doesn’t define who you need to be because at the end of the day we are all equally loved by the one who finds us all “worth far more than rubies”. (Proverbs 31:10)

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In todays society it has become easy for us to devalue who we truly are as women. As a result, negativity on self has taken a hold on our minds and convinced us we aren’t who we are really meant to be.

God says otherwise. He says to think and meditate on things that are true, honest, pure, LOVELY and anything worthy of praise. This is how we should see ourselves. (Philippians 4:8)

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We are meant to succeed, we are meant to thrive, we are meant to prosper, we are meant to flourish.

Today is a day to blossom. Today is a day to challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Today is a day to achieve that thing you’ve been working on for too long. Today is your day!

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Videos are another great way to get to know me. Check these latest videos!


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